Ethical Innovative Tech – Interview with Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer #024

(English) Harvard, Middle East, digitalization and diversity – Interview with “the Fi*xer”  Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer. How can the future be created by including all different kind of human?  What´s the connection between Northern Africa, the Middle East and the US and Europe when it comes to digitalization? What has to be done for a responsible sustainable and reflected future also on European level? How can AI Algorithm optimize and simplify the human experience in all its diversity? All these questions are being discussed in this English podcast-episode. We should all be informed and responsible. 

My interview-partner:

Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer holds MA and PhD degrees from Harvard University in Modern Middle East History, a BA from Brown University, and an Executive MBA from the disruptive Quantic School of Business and Technology. Her background in research, technology transformation and social entrepreneurship leverages a network that stretches from Harvard through Europe and the MENA region. 

After a history of success in leading e-Commerce, e-Learning, ERP, and mobile software projects in the US, Canada, and Europe, Dr. Stefflbauer saw unmet need with the influx of foreign nationals to Germany and the high demand for tech talent. Her non-profit organization, FrauenLoop, which she founded in 2016, was created in response to the marginalization of immigrant, refugee, and working-parent women from the Berlin tech scene. Since then, Dr. Stefflbauer’s digital empowerment advocacy has included leading over 100 hours of professional training for underrepresented women career-changers in Berlin. 

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