“Only those who know themselves can lead themselves.
And only those who can lead themselves can lead others.”

Methods of modern brain research combined with new agile management – awakening resources and potentials for a successful entrepreneurial future.

Use this expertise for yourself and your company. Dr. Maria Hoffacker is a biologist, theologian and educator with many years of experience in business and communication.

PhD in marine ecology
Consultant business consultancy
Pioneer in strategic environmental management
B.A.U.M. Environmental award
20 years of Gruner + Jahr / Bertelsmann
16 years GEO TV / ARTE
Self-employed and entrepreneur for 10 years
University lecturer for 7 years
Book “40 Days Challenge“
“Brainkickstarter” online course“

Dr. Maria Hoffacker is an expert in modern neuroscience, sustainability and communication. She supports people, teams and companies to use their potential and resources optimally.

The current challenges such as digitization, climate change and the pandemic require clarity and personality from each individual. Maria Hoffacker’s focus is on leadership, WeWork and self-organization. Your program can be customized to meet the needs of the company.

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Learning for entrepreneurial success!

Discover new things with curiosity, attentiveness and amazement. Awaken lifelong learning. Creatively re-connect and implement unimagined possibilities, ideas and potential. Exploring biological advantages of being truly human. Pairing emotional intelligence with teamwork.

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